Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shipping with us is easy! Process is as follows:

1. Customer purchases the goods.

2. Go to the “Ready to Order” tab and upload the invoice(s), filling out the requested information.


  • Weekly shipments to most locations.


  • Package communication should be done via email.


  • There is No limit to the number of items to be consolidated. During our consolidation we check each item against the invoices received to ensure that the correct item such as quantity, color, size is received.  If there is a discrepancy, we contact the customer via email.


  • Customer can add to the invoices, for up to 2 weeks, from receipt of the first invoice.


  • Customer shipment does not leave until all items on the invoices are received.


  •  All package information will be sent and should be requested, via email such as cancellations, delays and any other pertinent information.


  • TradeWinds can purchase for customerS who do not have a US card or if they are having problems with a purchase.


  • TradeWinds can go to store and purchase goods on customers behalf, stores such as Sam’s, Costco, Target (to name a few).


  • Packages should be labeled as:

    John Smith / TradeWinds (Island)  [ANT, DOM, TT]

    1421 NW 65th Ave

    Plantation, FL 33313




READY TO START??? Fill out the “Ready to Order” form below!

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Itemized invoice

Itemized invoice showing all totals and invoice number (required for customs)