Cash payment:

TW facilitates online purchases for cash customers, receives, consolidates and forwards.


A down payment of at least 50% of invoice total is made at CellularWorks. Once notification received that deposit has been made TW places the order. Packages(s) shipped to TW, consolidated and forwarded.

Specialized Product Purchase, Consolidation and Forward:

TW facilitates the purchase of goods from stores that require in person payments or in-store pick up. Some examples would be lawn mower parts, equipment or appliances.


TW will package (if necessary) and ship via best/most economical rate, based on goods and customer request.

Return Service:

This service is for customers who bought an item but has a problem, such as the wrong size or something missing and needs to return it.


Customer can bring the good to CellularWorks, with the receipt or return label, TW will return it for an exchange or refund if applicable and ship back to Cayman, if necessary.

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