How It Works

How Exactly Does This All Work?

  • Order is placed either by customer or TW and is sent to TW receiving facility.
  • TW is notified by receiving facility when package(s) are available for pick up.
  • Package(s) collected, consolidated (if necessary) and prepared for shipment.
  • Package(s) delivered to freight carrier and once in Cayman cleared through customs by TW representative.
  • Package(s) will shortly be available at CellularWorks for pick up or prepared for delivery.




  • Customer does NOT have to inform us regarding delivery of package(s), we are in real-time communication with our receiving facility.


Very important that package(s) are addressed as follows:


Client name c/o TradeWinds
1421 NW 65th Ave
Plantation FL 33313


  • It is imperative that any changes, such as additions, cancellations or other modifications to an order, is relayed to us immediately. This is to prevent hinderance, delay or partial shipment of orders.

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