Package Receiving, Consolidation and Forwarding:

  • Customer Orders: Customer orders item and has it sent to TW receiving facility. Package(s) are consolidated and forwarded to Cayman
  • No US accepted debit or credit card: TW collects at least 50% of invoice total, using online payment portal, and TW then places the order on the customer’s behalf. Package(s) shipped to TW receiving facility. TW consolidates package(s) and forwards to Cayman.
  • Cash payment: Customer will make down payment of at least 50% of invoice total, at CellularWorks. Once notification received that deposit has been made TW places the order. Package(s) shipped to TW, consolidated and forwarded to Cayman.

Package Retrieval and Forwarding:

This service is for customers whose package(s) was left at a hotel.


  • Customer will give TW collection info. Customer will verify that the appropriate personnel are aware that TW will be collecting the package(s). TW forwards package(s) to Cayman.

Package Receive and Hold:

This service is for customers who are planning to come to the South Florida area, but want to ship package(s) ahead of time, and collect them once in the area.


  • Customer will contact TW about the package(s).
  • Customer then sends package(s) to TW receiving facility. TW maintains possession of package(s), until customer is in the South Florida area.
  • Delivery of package(s) will be coordinated between TW and customer for delivery to the hotel, cruise terminal, airport or any other location client requests.

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