Important Info

Other Important Information:

Customer receives notification via email when:


  • Entire order has been received
  • Package(s) have been delivered to shipping company
  • Package(s) arrive in Cayman and have cleared customs
  • Package(s) ready for pick up or delivery


If TW has placed orders on a customers behalf, for accuracy customer must send:


  • Links (preferred) OR Pictures of items
  • Size (if applicable)
  • Color (if applicable)
  • Quantity


Invoice must be paid in full for delivery.




We have different payment methods available


  • Square invoice (default): can pay using a debit or credit card and invoice is sent to customer’s email
  • Paypal
  • Cash: Only accepted at our partner location, CellularWorks.

Cayman Brac And Little Cayman:

  • We ship directly from South Florida to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman
  • The order will have to be paid in full and it will NOT include customs, as the customer will have to clear their items themselves.
  • It’s actually an easy process and TW has shipped to Little Cayman before.

For a free quote, contact us and one of our friendly customer support professionals will get back to you.