Our Rates

What Are Our Rates:

Due to the nature of our customized business we don’t have fixed rates. We do have a base service fee starting at:


  • CI $15 (1-2 very small items)
  • CI $30 (Most orders start here, usually a few items such as clothes, shoes)
  • For heavier/oversized items such as furniture, shipping charge is US $1.50 / CI $1.26 per pound.

Fees TW collects:

  • TW fee: This covers pick-up, repacking, transport of good for shipping in South Florida and time and paper work dealing with customs once in Cayman.
  • Customs fees
  • Freight/shipping charges
  • Insurance (electronics such as laptops and cellular phones)
  • Insurance: Starts at CI $25 (Electronics > $250, insurance is calculated at 10% of cost)
  • Freight: < 5lbs (10x10x10 box) $20
    • <= 20 lbs starts at $45

Average shipping cost starts at around $30

For a free quote, contact us and one of our friendly customer support professionals will get back to you.